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The candidates admitted to the Program are graduates of Departments of domestic Universities and Higher Technological Institutes and graduates of recognized equivalent institutions abroad (according to paragraph. 1, Article 4 of Law. 3685/08).

For the evaluation and selection of candidates the Postgraduate Student Selection Committee takes into consideration the paragrapg 1α and 2 Article. 4 Law N. 3685/08 and any additional criteria, defined by the competent bodies, as required by law (paragraph. 1β) Artιcle. 4 Law N. 3685/08). The selection is employed by the Selection Committee in accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 4 of Law N. 3685/2008.

The detailed assessment procedure is specified each time by the Special Interdepartmental Committee following the proposal of the Postgraduate Student Selection Committee

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Although no distinction is made between University Degrees, candidates should have good knowledge of Cell Biology, molecular biology, and genetics, and basic knowledge of Nervous System Physiology. The knowledge of the candidates in the above fields will be assessed through exams in multiple choice questions on June 15th 2022. This  is considered necessary for the students to achieve the maximum performance during their studies and to have homogeneity in terms of the level of knowledge.

Applicants who have not been taught the specific subjects must make sure to attend the relevant undergraduate courses and/or online seminars or read relevant books. Candidates who fail to show that they have sufficient knowledge of Cell Biology and Nervous System Physiology will not be accepted into the program.