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All candidates are invited to submit to the Postgraduate Secretariat of the Department of Biology at the NKUA the following documents:

1. Application Form-Personal Statement-Detailed curriculum vitae, to download this file please click here (please send this as pdf upon electronic submission of the application).

2. Synopsis of your Biographical Sketch as an excel document, to download this file please click here  (sent this excel file upon electronic submission of the application).

3. Certified copy of Diploma or certificate of completion of studies by the end of September.

4. Detailed list of all undergraduate courses and grades (pdf).

5. A one page summary of the Undergraduate Research Thesis (pdf).

6. Publications in peer-reviewed journal or Abstracts in conferences (if any, they should be provided in pdf-the same Abstract in different conferences is considered as one).

7. Evidence of professional or research activity (if any, a letter from the supervisor or the institute, in pdf).

8. A Photocopy of both sides of your identity card (pdf).

9. Certificate of the ranking of the student, if such document is issued by the Department otherwise an estimation should be provided within the reference letters (pdf).

10. Two reference letters with special reference to the relevant ranking of the applicant. The reference letters will be send to the administration of the Program directly by the referees to masterneuro[at]biol.uoa[dot]gr.

11. Certificate of Proficiency in English (pdf). Knowledge of English is documented by one of the following ways:

  • Diploma from an Educational Body of an English-speaking country or a postgraduate program taught in English
  • Certificate of Proficiency in English
  • Certificate of Toefl score at least 500 points (or 300 with the new way of evaluation)
  • IELTS certificate with a grade of 6.5 or more
  • National Certificate of Language Proficiency (level B2)

NOTE: Greek students are dot required to have the documents provided by the Greek Universities translated in English. Nobody is required to translate their Undergraduate Research Project.

Important Notice: GREEK candidates must submit their applications through the eprotocol platform (eprotocol.uoa.gr). They will sign in with their taxisnet information and go to 5. Application for a postgraduate program (5. Αίτηση υποψηφιότητας σε μεταπτυχιακό πρόγραμμα σπουδών). There, they will fill in and submit all the necessary documents to support their applications. All the necessary documents (application form and biographical sketch) can be found on the admissions page (admission documents category) of our official website. If there are any documents that don’t fit under a specific category at the eprotocol platform, the students should submit them under the Other (Λοιπά) category.

If you encounter problems using the eprotocol platfrom, please, send your application or additional files to: masterneuro[at]biol.uoa[dot]gr

INTERNATIONAL candidates who cannot apply through the eprotocol platform, should send their applications and documents directly to: masterneuro[at]biol.uoa[dot]gr

All references should be sent by the referees directly to: masterneuro[at]biol.uoa[dot]gr