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The Athens International Master's Program in Neurosciences established the "Winter & Spring School of Advanced Neuroscience Courses".

Students can choose to attend the entire program or specific courses of each program in the application form.

Tuition fees

The tuition fees are set at four hundred euros (€400) per course or at one thousand three hundred euros (€1,300) for attending the entire Program (4 courses) of each program.


A minimum of two tuition fee waiver scholarships are provided if at least 10 students are enrolled and attend the entire program. The criteria for the scholarship are academic and include: - number of relevant courses they have successfully attended in the past, - average score above 8 and - evaluation of the personal statement.

Submission of application

Students should submit their documents (pdf) to the secretariat of the Athens International Master’s Programme in Neurosciences (masterneuro[at]biol.uoa[dot]gr).

Candidates should submit the following documents:

1. Application for participation, where they will state whether they will attend all or part of the study program. In the latter case, they also state the courses that will be attended.

2. Curriculum vitae that includes a self-descriptive report (personal statement). To downloead the form please, click here.

3. Certified copy of degree or certificate of completion of studies or certificate of studies; this for graduate students.

4. Transcript of undergraduate or postgraduate courses with grades.

5. Photocopy of two sides of ID.

6. A letter of recommendation.

7. Certificate of English Language Proficiency. Sufficient knowledge of the English language is documented in one of the following ways:

• Degree from an educational institution of an English-speaking country or an English-speaking PMS

• Certificate of Proficiency in English

• Toefl certificate with a score of at least 500 points (or 300 with the new assessment method)

• IELTS certificate with a score of 6.5 or above

• State Language Certificate (level B2)

Submission period

Please, submit your application from May 2nd to June 20nd 2023.

Courses per school

The courses for each school are shown in the tables below:


Courses of the Winter School of Advanced Neuroscience Courses


Developmental Neuroscience


Gross and microscopic anatomy of the nervous system


Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience


Technical courses


Total ECTs



Courses of the Spring School of Advanced Neuroscience Courses


Neurobiological Basis of Diseases of the Nervous System


Neuropharmacology or Behavioral Neuroscience in animals


Neuroendocrinology or Neuroimmunology




Computational Neuroscience



The courses Neuropharmacology and Neuroendocrinology are taught every other year. In the year they are not taught, they are replaced by the courses Behavioral Neuroscience in animals and Neuroimmunology.


Course program for the Academic year 2023-2024

To see the course program for the Academic year 2023-2024 please, click here. To see the daily all year course program for the academic year 2022-2023 please, click here.

Please, note that these are subject to change. Before the start of each course you will be informed about the program of lectures and other important activities

Concise guide of incoming students

The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens has issued a concise guide for incoming foreign students. To download the guide, please, click here.