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In order to use the Library, you should register. For registration in the Library, which requires acceptance of its rules of operation, it is required:

A) filing a membership application [also posted on the Library's website (www.lib.uoa.gr/sci)] at the Library Secretariat or at the 3rd Floor Service Desk and b) the following documents are presented:

• ID Card,

• Identity of a member of the university community [ID card, student Identity],

• two (2) photos (one (1) for students with the new academic identity and faculty members and other staff of the NCSI who wish to use the ID card of the University and as a member of the Library).

Compliance with the above data is subject to the Privacy Act.

The user receives the Library member card the following day from the Third Floor Service Desk and should always have it with him/her when visiting the Library to make use its services. The Library card is not transferable and is used by its holder only. In the event of a change in contact information (address, telephone), the user should inform the Library Secretariat. In the event of a change in membership status or loss of the card, the user will have to come up with one (1) photo to the Library Secretariat, which will cancel the card and issue a new one.

For categories of users who cannot borrow the material, access to the Library is permitted by presenting an identity (eg a police ID, driving license) at the Third Floor Service Desk.