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Research Thesis Project


Leonidas Stefanis, Professor of Neurology and Neurobiology, Medical School of Athens, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens

Spiros Efthimiopoulos, Professor of Neurobiology, Department of Biology, Division of Animal & Human Physiology, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens

Duration-ECTs and Sites

This research project corresponds to 60 ECTs. The duration of the Research Thesis Project is at least 11 months and maximum 18 months from its assignment to the student. Extension can only be given in exceptional cases after the student's request and the decision of the Special Interdepartmental Committee (SIC), with the consent of the supervisor.

The execution of the Thesis can be carried out either in domestic Universities and research centers or Universities and Research Institutes abroad, participating or cooperating with the programme. It can also be performed in non-partner Universities or research institutions both foreign and domestic after the decision of the SIC.

Writeen essay of the research thesis project

To obtain instructions and download the Template that is mandatory to use when you write ythe essay of your Research Thesis Project, please, click here.


Student Obligations Regarding Research Thesis Project & Thesis Assessnent

Following the completion of the experimental work, students, in collaboration with their supervisor, write their thesis project according to the instructions (template, the use of the Template is mandatory) of the Program. This may include several rounds of revisions.

An effort should be made to present theses twice a year: once in November and once in February (this is because the graduation ceremonies are usually in December and April-May). In the first case, the Diploma essay should be delivered to the supervisor, the student and the remaining 2 members of the 3-member committee by October 10, the corrections by October 25 and the Presentation in November. In the second case, the Diploma should be delivered to the supervisor, the student and the other 2 members of the 3-member committee by January 10, the corrections by January 25 and the Presentation in February

The three-member evaluation committee is given sufficient time to read, comment and evaluate the written document of the research thesis project. This time cannot be shorter than a week. The three-member evaluation committee may request additional time for reading and evaluating the written document of the thesis project.

Subsequently, the date of the presentation is decided by the three-member evaluation committee in collaboration with the student.

On the day of the presentation, students must deliver the final document to the three-member evaluation committee. One hard copy of the written thesis project plus a CD that includes the thesis document and the powerpoint presentation should be handed to the secretary of the program. Failure to hand in their thesis and the CD to the secretary of the program will result in withholding the thesis evaluation degree and the student will not be able to graduate.

During their presentation, the students should include a Three Minute Thesis (3MT) presentation to explain the breadth and significance of their research project to a non-specialist audience.

They should also include up to three slides to present their research grant proposal; title, significance and novelty

Students performing a thesis have the obligation to attend the presentation of a thesis of their colleague and ask him/her questions. In the justification of the grade of their thesis, reference will be made to whether they attended and whether they asked questions.

Students performing a thesis have the obligation to correct the thesis of a colleague and deliver the text with their comments and observations within 10 days. In the justification of the degree of their diploma thesis, it will be mentioned if they corrected the work of a fellow student.

To obtain more information regarding student obligations and how to assess the Thesis of another student please click here and here.

 Assessemnet of the Research Thesis Project by the committee

To obtain information regarding the assessment of the Research thesis Project by the committee, please, click here.

Evaluation/grading Template

The committee uses a dedicate form to evaluate the performance of the student during the Research Thesis project. This form indicating the final grade of the student is sent to the secretary of the department of Biology. To obtain This Form, please, click here.