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1. Is the interview held in English?

Answer: The interview will be held both in English

2. During which period the interviews will be held?

Answer: The interviews are usually held on July.

The interviews are held in alphabetical order by physical presence or on line meeting platforms (ZOOM, WEBEX, SKYPE, Microsoft teams etc).

Students that will be physically present at the interviews should come to

Department of Biology of the University of Athens

Division of Animal and Human Physiology

3nd Building, 2nd Floor, Room 66

157 84 Panepistimiopolis, Ilisia

Athens, Greece

Students that will be interviewed through online meeting platforma should be connected via a fast wired line, not wifi and use headphones with a microphone to avoid connection problems.

3. Can the interviews be performed through meeting platforms (ZOOM, WEBEX, SKYPE, Microsoft teams etc)?

Yes, they can.