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The courses, the teaching and research activities, the laboratory exercises and all other educational and research activities that are required for the award of a Master's degree are shown in Tables 1, 2 and 3 below. By clicking in the links in the left vertical menu you will find detailed information on each course. To see the entire Study Guide, please click here.

Courses ECTS
1st Semester-Obligatory Courses  
Developmental Neuroscience 4,5
Gross and microscopic anatomy of the nervous system 4,5
Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience 6
Technical courses 6
Lab rotation 9
Total ECTs of the 1st semester 30
2nd Semester-Elective Courses  
Neurobiological Basis of Diseases of the Nervous System 6
Neuropharmacology 6
Behavioral Neuroscience in animals 6
Neuroimmunology 3
Neuroendocrinoplogy 3
Electrophysiology 3
Computational Neuroscience 3
2nd Semester-Obligatory Course  
Obligatory Lab rotation 12
Total ECTs of the 2nd semester 30
3nd & 4th Semester-Obligatory Course  
Research Thesis Project 60 
Total ECTs of the 3nd and 4th semester 60
Total ECTs 120