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Συμπόσιο με θέμα: Μουσική - Βασανιστήρια - Θεραπεία

Aίθουσα «Κ. Θ. Δημαράς», Σκουφά 45

The Symposium explores the multifaceted uses of music in situations of detention across different periods and geographical areas. Despite the tendency to focus on music’s benign and positive role, we are confronted today with clear disclosures of its implication in torture and human rights violations. The Symposium examines the ways in which music has been utilized as a means of torture, punishment, and humiliation. It also explores its use in therapeutic processes that aim to heal traumatized individuals in situations of detention; such programmes are increasingly encountered in prisons and other current forms of detention internationally.

Katarzyna Naliwajek-Mazurek will talk about the use of music in Nazi extermination camps in Poland during World War II. Anna Papaeti will examine dark uses of music in situations of detention in cold-war Greece, focusing on the shifting notions of so-called "brainwashing". MJ Grant will explore the difficulties entailed in proving music torture in court, focusing on impunity and legal redress. Ending on a more positive note, Mitsi Akoyunoglou-Christou will talk about her work as music therapist with unaccompanied refugee children in transit camps at the island of Chios. The Symposium is organized by Anna Papaeti in the context of the 2017 postdoctoral scheme of the Research Centre for the Humanities.

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