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It consists of 23 teachers of the Program which can be Professors at any level, Lecturers and Researchers serving at any level. Of the 23 members 22 are coordinators of the courses. The 23rd member is the Director of the Program, who is also chairman. The term of the office is two years.

Responsibilities of the Studies Committee are:

a) Recommend to the SIC the content of the Program Study Guide (course titles, content of courses, weekly hours, credits (ECTs), teachers, planning of postgraduate courses and exercises, and bylaws of operation).

b) Approve the distribution of graduate students for laboratory and theoretical exercises.

c) Recognizes credits (ECTS) to students of the program for courses that have successfully completed in other graduate or undergraduate programs that have attended. Maximum recognition percentage is 25% of all ECTS.

d) Recommend to the SIC on the request of students to replace an elective course of program with another course taught by another Graduate Program in Greece or abroad and delivers relevant ECTs units.

e) suggests the composition of the three-member Examination and Advisory Committees.


The members of the committee are:

 1.                   Efthimiopoulos Spiros

2.                   Chatziioannou Aristotelis

3.                   Consoulas Christos

4.                   Cutsuridis Vasilis

5.                   Dalla Christina

6.                   Georgopoulos Spiros

7.                   Georgousi Zafeiroula-Iro

8.                   Johnson Elizabeth

9.                   Kilidireas Konstantinos

10.               Kitraki Efthymia

11.               Kosmidis Efstratios

12.               Mangoura Mimika

13.               Matsa Rebecca

14.               Pagakis Stamatis

15.               Panayotakopoulou Maria

16.               Politis Panagiotis

17.               Probert Lesley

18.               Skaliora Irene

19.               Skoulakis Efthymios

20.               Smyrnis Nikolaos

21.               Stamatakis Antonis

22.               Stefanis Leonidas

23.               Stylianopoulou Fotini