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The SIC consists of a total of five Professors or Associate Professors of University Departments (Faculty) and its incumbency is for one year. The SIC is constituted under the law N3685. Article 2β. The members of the SIC elect the president who is also Director of the program. The President appoints the Vice-President who is Deputy Director of the Program. In the SIC are present 4 Researchers of Grade A or B, one from each Research Institute, designated by the participating resea

In case of resignation of any member during the mandate of the Committee there will be replacement by the General Assembly of Special Composition (GASC) of the relevant department following the proposal of SIC.

Serves as GASC and its responsibilities are defined by the law N.3685/2008, Article 2, paragraph β. This includes the revision of the program, the election of the Director of Studies, the appointment of members of advisory committees and committees of inquiry, the establishment of graduate student selection committees, the adoption of the program study guide, the establishment of the evaluation committees, the approval or not of the request of students for a replacement of an elective course of the program with another course taught by another graduate program domestic or foreign, administration of fellowships, the recruitment of personnel for the needs of the program, the management of students and faculty travel expenses, management of expenses for purchasing instruments and consumables for the needs of the program practical exercises and research projects, etc.

The members of the committee are:

University Departments

1.         Efthimiopoulos Spiros

5.            Kitraki Efthymia

4.            Voumvourakis Kostas

3.            Stamatakis Antonis

2.            Stefanis Leonidas

Research Institutes

1.            Georgousi Zafeiroula-Iro

2.            Matsa Rebecca

3.             Skoulakis Efthymios

4.             Vekrellis Kostas