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The CC of the program is designated by the Special Interdepartmental Committee.

It consists of 5 Professors at all levels and serving Lecturers who teach in the Program. In the CC can participate and 4 Researchers that teach in the program, one from each participating Research Center. Chairman of the CC is the Director of the program.

It is responsible for tracking and coordinating the operation of the Program «Athens International Master's Programme in Neurosciences» in accordance with paragraph γ of Article 2 of Law 3685/2008, and its service is biennial.

The members of the committee are:

University Departments

1.         Efthimiopoulos Spiros

5.            Kitraki Efthymia

4.            Voumvourakis Kostas

3.            Stamatakis Antonis

2.            Stefanis Leonidas

Research Institutes

1.            Georgousi Zafeiroula-Iro

2.            Matsa Rebecca

3.             Skoulakis Efthymios

4.             Vekrellis Kostas