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The Director of the Program is a Professor or an Associate Professor, of the same or of a related subject with the subject of the Program. In addition, he is a member and Chairman of the SIC, the CC and the Studies/Curiculum Committee. He is appointed along with his Deputy, by a SIC’s decision and presides over SIC and SE.

The Director of the Program shall recommend to the Administrative bodies of the University any matter concerning the effective operation of the program. The Director could not have more than two (2) consecutive terms of office and shall not be entitled to additional remuneration for his / her administrative work as a Director.

The Director of the Program has the following responsibilities:

(a) Convenes in meeting the SIC and the CC and chairs them.

b) Prepares the agenda of these meetings, taking into account suggestions from the members and bodies of the Program.

c) sets elections to replace members of committees due to vacancy.

d) is responsible for drafting the budget and the account of the Program, which he / she submits to the SIC for approval.

(e) is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the budget and for issuing payment orders for the relevant expenditure.

f) At the end of his / her mandate as well as the CC, he / she shall draw up a detailed account of the research and educational work of the Program, as well as of its other activities, with the aim of upgrading studies, making better use of human resources, optimizing the existing infrastructures and the socially beneficial use of the available resources of the Program. The report is submitted to the Department of Biology.

The Director of the Program is Professor Efthimiopoulos Spiros.